2024-2025 PTO Board

President: Kara Carlson
Vice President: Jude Morin
Treasurer Co-chairs: Samira Thompson & Ariela Wilk
Secretary: Jessica Hernandez
Fundraising Co-chairs: Valerie Fuller & Chrystal Garcia
Communication Chair: Sadie LaFredo
Bingo Chair: Elizabeth Quiroz
Membership Co-Chairs: Hillary Moussali & Shanna Beyah

Our PTO creates a partnership between parents and staff. We are dedicated to our children and committed to our school’s success. Through student life enrichment, staff appreciation, and school enhancement, we strive to create an environment of mutual support between parents and staff so our children can  benefit directly. In order to accomplish these objectives EKHLA PTO raises funds throughout the  year. 

If you have questions about who we are or what we do, please contact us any time.