2021-2022 School Year PTO Board

President: Brianna Eilers
Vice President Co-Chairs: Monica Lizka-Miller & Brijal Patel
Treasurer: Amber Liddell Alwais
Secretary: Heather Henke Rosenblatt & Crystal Pizziminti
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Valerie Fuller & Chrystal Garcia
Communication Co-Chairs: Jude Morin & Eartha Powell
Bingo Chair: Elizabeth Quiroz
Membership Chair: Amanda Lozano & Jessica Oley

The EKHLA PTO Mission is to foster a strong relationship between the school and families, while supporting the success of our students and teachers.

We achieve our mission by building strong relationships between EKHLA faculty, staff and the families who entrust their children to the school. We are a group of volunteers — moms and dads just like you — who are committed to enabling high quality events, social activities and traditions.

If you have questions about who we are or what we do, please contact us any time.