Board Positions

Get Involved: 2024-2025 School Year Elections Underway!

Join the EKHLA PTO Board and make a meaningful impact in your child’s education! You don’t need to select a specific position—simply express your interest, and we’ll find the perfect fit for you, or pick a position that is right for you. Whether you’re looking to work alongside a friend or support a role that needs assistance, we’re here to help. As part of the board, we collaborate closely, ensuring everyone has the resources and support they need to succeed. Together, we’ll create a vibrant community, organize exciting events, and enhance the school experience for all. Join us today and be a vital part of the EKHLA community!

  • Description: Preside over meetings, serve as primary contact for the school principal, represent the Corporation externally.
  • Duties: Coordinate officer and committee work, prepare reports, uphold Bylaws.

Vice President

  • Description: Assist the President, fulfill Presidential duties when necessary.
  • Duties: Support President, ensure smooth operation of Board.


  • Description: Manage finances, maintain records, present financial reports.
  • Duties: Oversee financial transactions, budgeting, report to Executive Board.

Secretary (Available)

  • Description: Maintain records, manage email communications, prepare meeting agendas.
  • Duties: Record minutes, organize documents, ensure effective communication.

Fundraising Chair (Available)

  • Description: Oversee fundraising efforts, present options to Executive Board.
  • Duties: Coordinate fundraising events, report to Board.

Communications Chair

  • Description: Manage online presence, send updates, create content.
  • Duties: Maintain social media, send communications, design graphics.

Bingo Chair (Available)

  • Description: Manage bingo operations, handle paperwork.
  • Duties: Organize bingo events, report to Board.

Membership Chair (Available)

  • Description: Recruit members, coordinate events, manage liaisons.
  • Duties: Organize membership, liaise with school, report to Board.